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Sales settings & price lists

How you as the brand owner can control who may see your prices and what minimum quantities or values must be reached for a B2B purchase.

By Benjamin Rüggeberg
March 17, 2021

MTMfair is far more than a B2B Marketplace where sellers upload products that buyers can purchase.

Pricing is a very sensitive issue and we have taken this fully into account when developing MTMfair's StockOrder feature. This means that not everyone can simply see your prices!

Price lists

You have the option of entering a default price list for each of the 4 customer groups:

  • Distributors

  • Agents

  • Retailers

In addition to the 3 customer groups you can also add a recommended retail price (RRP).

Important: As RRPs may differ from country to country, please only enter the RRP for your country.

Just because you can enter different price lists, does not mean that you must enter them all. Perhaps you only work with one or two of the customer groups. Simply ignore the columns that do not apply to your sales channel.


Not only can you set a default price list per customer group, you can also set individual price lists per country. Price lists can be individualised not only in numbers, but can also be allocated respective currencies if required.


Price visibility

Important: You as the brand owner should be able to keep control over who may see your prices and who not.

While uploading your products, you have the option to decide which customer group in which country is eligible to discover which product.

Example 1: You are wanting to build a sales in channel in Australia and have selected to make your brand visible to agents there. Now, the first agent to discover your brand is not necessarily the best fit and shouldn't have access to sensitive information before even speaking to you.


By going to Sales settings in the column Agents select the Application required option to ensure that potential agents will first have to request a price list or contact you directly before being able see any of your prices. Once you have decided that a particular agent is the right fit, you can, by the click of a button, make all of your brand's pricing visible to this agent.

Example 2: In another country you sell to retail directly without going through distributors or agents. Perhaps you don't really mind which retailer purchases your products for resale and don't grant exclusivity. Go to Sales settings and in the column Retailers select the option will be accepted to ensure that any logged in retailer will be able to see the wholesale price valid to him or her. Any retailer will be able to place an order.

Minimum order value or quantity

Most manufactures require a minimum order value when selling to retailers directly. However, in some cases manufacturers may also require a minimum order quantity.

At MTMfair you have the option of choosing which customer group is expected to purchase a minimum quantity and which a minimum value.


By going to Sales settings simply choose whether the respective customer group is required to purchase Minimum quantity and a Minimum value.

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