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Uploading your products

The full guide on how to get your products uploaded to

By Benjamin Rüggeberg
March 18, 2021

Before we get going, here is what you should know:
The current upload process is not perfect yet. We are working on a new process. In fact the current upload process can be a bit tricky, so we advise our members to let us do the job for you.

In order for us to upload your products on your behalf we will need the relevant information. Please supply us with a spreadsheet containing the following columns:

  • Product code

  • Product name

  • Product description

  • Main material (comma separated if more than one)

  • Countries to be excluded (if any)*

  • Visible to consumers and not logged in members (Yes / No)

  • Visible to retailers and interior designers (Yes / No)

  • Visible to distributors and trade agents (Yes / No)

  • Visible to other manufacturers and producers (Yes / No)

  • Distribution price (if applicable and only visible to those eligible to see this)

  • Wholesale price (only visible to those eligible to see this)

  • Recommended retail price (RRP)

*Countries in which trade embargoes are in place will be omitted automatically (e.g. North Korea)

Product images

Your images are the first impression a visitor to MTMfair will receive of your business. We sincerely recommend, that you upload (or send us) the best possible images of your products. The more appealing the image, the higher the click rate - it's that simple!
It is important to us at MTMfair to maintain a high standard of elegance and overall style of the website and therefore we urge you to ensure that your images fit in well with the overall look and feel of the site.

Send us your images any which way you wish, though we do recommend using
Please ensure that the images file name can be clearly linked to the product name or product code in the above mentioned spreadsheet.

Image dimensions

Your images should have a minimum dimension of 2400px along the short edge.
Why so large? The image window is 600x600px. Viewers with a retina display will get to see this in a 1200x1200px resolution for better quality. Add to that our soon to be launched 2x “magnifying glass” a viewer with a retina display will get to see your image in perfect 2400x2400px clarity.

Number of images

You can upload up to 4 images per product. We recommend that you use all 4, as the more information a customer can see of the product the better. You should use the main image (the one shown in the listing) to show the whole product. It is a good idea to photograph or edit the image in such a way that it has a white or light background. The other 3 could be used for instance to show a detail, the production process, the variations of the product, or an image of how the product looks in its intended context.



Once you have uploaded your images and you are not happy with their arrangement, you can rearrange them by going to: Your products > click the edit icon to the right of the product > scroll down to the end of the product overview and click Edit > Product images

Rearrange the images by dragging them back and forth.The image on the left is the main image.

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