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Uploading your products

The full guide on how to get your products uploaded to

By Benjamin Rüggeberg
March 18, 2021

Before we get going, here is what you should know:
The current upload process is not perfect yet. We are working on a new process. In fact the current upload process can be a bit tricky, so we advise our members to let us do the job for you.

Let us do the job you

In order for us to upload your products on your behalf we will need the relevant information. Please supply us with a spreadsheet containing the following columns:

  • Product code

  • Product name

  • Product description

  • Main material (comma separated if more than one)

  • Countries to be excluded (if any)*

  • Visible to consumer (Yes / No)

  • Visible to interior designers (Yes / No)

  • Visible to retailers (Yes / No)

  • Visible to trade agents (Yes / No)

  • Visible to distributors (Yes / No)

  • Visible to producers (Yes / No)

  • Visible to other manufacturers (Yes / No)

*Countries in which trade embargoes are in place will be omitted automatically (e.g. North Korea)

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