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Why some prices are not visible to retailers

By Benjamin Rüggeberg
March 18, 2021

As on any physical trade show, you will always first be asked a few questions about your shop, where you're from etc. before an exhibitor is ready to show you his/her wholesale price list.

At MTMfair we give our exhibitors this same option. Suppliers can opt between making their price list visible to logged in retailers or if they require you to contact them first. We call this BusinessConnect

On the product detail page you will therefore in some instances not see a price for the product, despite being logged in as a retailer.


You can click any of the options Contact, Request a price list or Become a customer.


As soon as your potential supply has verified that you are eligible to view his price list, the prices wholesale prices will become visible to you.

Now you are all set to place your orders...


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