MTMfair 1.5

New feature: Orderplatform and updates

By Andreas David
March 22, 2021

Orderplatform (StockOrder)

To make products orderable on MTMfair, we have developed an ordering system.

Features list

  • Fully integrated into "Targeting" and "BrandConnect"

  • General price list

  • Optional: price lists per country

  • Products directly orderable

  • Optional: Orderable after application

  • Individual currency with default per country

  • Realtime conversion in 168 currencies

  • Optional: Minimum order quantity

  • Optional: Minimum order value

  • Individual settings at customer level

  • Quick order via price list

  • Orderdetail with workflow and messaging

  • CSV-Export

Changed applications

My products got a submenu for the new "Price lists" and "Sales settings"


Product detail
now shows prices ...

... or extended contact options when logged in


The internal messaging system can now show customer relations and allows quick settings.


New applications

Order products takes you to a supplier's price list and allows you to order products quickly. Individual settings from the customer relationship are taken into account.


The order management offers an overview of current orders and a detailed view with workflow and integrated messaging.

More updates

  • Login now has a reminder function and remembers the last relevant pages before login. After a successful login, you are returned to the last page.

  • The main navigation can now be grouped and expands as soon as you move the mouse over it.

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