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Connecting with the brands you represent

BrandConnect & ProductConnect explained

By Benjamin Rüggeberg
March 21, 2021

Why connect with your brands?

Connecting with the brands you represent ensures that retailers in your sales area are made aware that you are their contact person for a particular brand and that the orders they place are directed straight to you.

Connecting with your brands is a two-step process:

  1. BrandConnect

    BrandConnect verifies that you represent a particular brand.

  2. ProductConnect

    ProductConnect verifies which of the brand's products you represent.


To set up BrandConnect you first need to ensure that the brand you represent is a member of MTMfair. If not, simply invite the brand to join the platform. Learn more...

Your brand is already a member? Then here is what you do:

Go to Settings > Manage brands. Enter the brand name and click search.


A list of search results will appear and you simply choose the brand in question.


Note: If no match is found, you will be redirected automatically to invite the brand to join MTMfair.

In the next step you can choose the region in which you represent the brand.


Now select the country or countries in which you represent the brand. Once you're ready simply click send request.


The brand owner will receive a notification and will have the opportunity to verify the information you have submitted.

Once confirmed the you can proceed to step 2 > ProductConnect.


Even though you may represent the brand in your sales area, it is also possible that you do not represent every single one of its products. For this reason we introduced the two-step connecting process.

For clarity and transparency purposes, we urge you to only connect the products that you represent. It makes no sense for a retailer to approach a distributor for a product that the distributor does not carry.

Once the brand owner has confirmed your BrandConnect, you will see the number of products you can can connect with this brand in your dashboard.


Click on Unconnected.


A list of all the brand's products will appear.

Above the list, you will first select the address from which you ship the products as well as selecting an estimated lead time to shipment.

Then, instead of ticking each product to connect with, we have reversed the process by ticking the ones you do not stock by clicking EDIT LATER. This gives you the opportunity to come back to ProductConnect if and when you decide differently and do stock the product.

At the end of the list click ADOPT AND UPDATE PRODUCT.

From this point on, your company name will appear as the source of supply for any retailer in your area interested in the products you just connected with.

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